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Born out of enjoying a refreshing cold one while watching the red African dusk approaching. No matter what your favourite brew is, we have a craft beer for you. Red Sky was born in 2013, a craft brewery that has been dedicated to the artisan of hand-crafted beer making from inception. With the brewers background in wine making we are perhaps the only brewery mashing in a wine barrel. We find that there is a beer for every personality, the avenger pale ale is a nice easy drinking all round enjoyable and popular ale, …


While our award-winning Vampire Porter has a die-hard following from the craft beer drinking community, we cater for those who enjoy beer but suffer from gluten intolerance with our Goshawk gluten free beer and have been privileged to collaborate with Beyerskloof winery in creating a wine beer blend, the Pinotale. Life is all about taking risks, pushing boundaries and enjoying the adventure along the way.


We strive to create a craft beer for every palate and being a Micro-Brewery we have the flexibility to play around with a with our yeast, malt and hops. The unique flavour profiles found in craft beer are not added but rather brewed out using high quality ingredients and methods. Red Sky brewery is situated in the Helderberg basin and is a real South African micro-brewery, handcrafting quality brews perfect for every occasion.


Visit our brewery, watch our master crafters at work, support the local community and enjoy a fantastic tasting experience.


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Want to enjoy an hour or two experience a unique way of crafting beer along with a great combined tasting and cellar tour at our Red Sky head ‘Office’ brew station, or do you need that creative and very cool vibe venue for your next function?

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